There are photos everywhere, if you have the imagination and eye to see them.
Join me in one of these destinations and let me show you how to become more visually aware.
Set dates don't fit in with your travel plans ?
Don't worry ! Highly individualized and personalized tours are possible and have been popular with clients in the past.
I've had private tours in Winter for example in CRETE and also ISTANBUL is fascinating and without crowds of Tourists. In fact I did some great shots there while it was snowing !
Just notify me when you would like to visit.

Crete April 25th - May 3rd Sept 12th – 20th
$3250 per person

Western Crete is able to astound the visitor more than other parts of the island, and Chania Town, with its labyrinth of Venetian and Turkish alleyways, has the most picturesque harbour in Greece. As a long time resident here, let me reveal the many hidden facets of this fascinating area.

The island of Crete – See for yourself, Feel for yourself (2min 30sec) from Incredible Crete on Vimeo.

May 7th – 15th & Oct 8th – 16th
$3980 per person
One of the world's most beautiful, unique and historic cities. We explore behind the facade and also visit places only the locals know, for captivating images.

Accommodation is at the Almina Hotel in Sultanahmet.
http://tinyurl.com/zxpf6s9 />
Arrivals and Departures are on Sundays, with the Workshops scheduled Monday to Saturday.

A $400 non refundable deposit secures your participation and the balance is due 4 weeks before the Workshop chosen.
Don't forget there is also my Winter Workshops from now until March 31st 2017
so if this appeals please get in touch with me with your time frame.

A return visit to Ljubljana and Piran
10 days - June 9th - 19th


Charming Old World Plazas,
Baroque Churches,
Castles and Culture,
Local Wine and Creative Continental, Italian & Slovenian cuisine
Narrow Medieval Streets like Venice.

Price $3780 per person

Start your Travel Plans now !

The Best of LESVOS
Sept 22nd - Oct 1st $4530 per person
Discover the charms of this enchanted island in the Aegean Sea, and birthplace of Sappho. Capture picturesque cobblestone streets surrounded with Ottoman architecture, Venetian fortresses, ancient monasteries and miraculous icons.

Zanzibar Jan 14th - 27th and Aug 26th - Sept 8th $5550 per person
The Exotic Pearl of the Indian Ocean, with a fascinating history and culture. Ideal for the adventurous traveler who has an open mind and a camera in hand.

You can download the attached documents that show further information and of course contact me with any questions you may have.
Please note that Deposits are non refundable.
All Workshops.
Cancellation Policy: At the time we receive notice that you must cancel your trip,refunds will be made according to the following schedule:
60 TO 46 DAYS: 50% REFUND
45 TO 21 DAYS: 15% REFUND
Responsibility : As I'm sure you can understand, I can accept no responsibility for losses & additional expenses due to a delay in air & other services, bad weather, strikes, sickness, or other causes. Any such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the workshop client. I reserve the right to substitute hotels of a similar category should the need arise and make changes, if necessary, to the daily schedule and prices, for events outside my control, such as increased accommodation costs.
The workshop prices do not include air transportation.

Western Crete 2017 Leaflet 1
Western Crete 2017 Leaflet 2
Istanbul 2017
Istanbul Without Tourists
A Taste Of Slovenia 2017 Leaflet 1
A Taste Of Slovenia 2017 Itin
Lesvos 2017 Leaflet 1
Lesvos 2017 Leaflet 2
Zanzibar 2007 Leaflet 1
Zanzibar 2017 Leaflet 2

Additional Options

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