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The 2017 Workshops are online :-)
Unfortunately my Brazil Photo Workshop is suspended because of their Political and Economic problems and especially in Rio de Janeiro.
My friends there and in São Paulo are all worried and concerned what the future holds so it is unwise to the moment.

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After 2 years of work on this personal project, the Books and Calendar are out

1) Coffee Table Hardback
My thanks to Gettyimages and Milkbooks for the superb quality.
20 pages of white matt art paper, using premium digital printing and a great hard back linen cover, hand bound to stand the test of time.

Not for sale to the general public.
Signed copies available from me @ 78 Euro - US$84, plus P & P.

FLIP BOOK is here

2) Blurb Soft Cover - 20 pages - US $59.99

3) A4 Wall Calendar
Available from me, signed @ - 38 Euro - US$40 plus P & P

GREAT news for my Secrets of Istanbul Photo Workshops
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For myself, and many clients, the most enjoyable part of my Secrets of Istanbul Photo Workshops is to visit districts and places that only the locals know.
So, I am delighted to hear from my dear friend Elif that the Cooking Lessons and picture taking will be at the home of the delightful Mrs Mujgan Yurtseven.
Together, they are truly experts at preparing and cooking the most delicious and sumptuous mouth watering food imaginable !
( In fact Elif's cakes were delicious way back in 2006.)
To whet your appetite, please look here.

Hope to see you soon !

The Winter Workshop Details are here below

And the Spring and Fall Info is on the main Workshop Page
NEW for The Secrets of Istanbul Photo Workshops 2017
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Turkish Cuisine is said to be one of the three great cuisines of the world, an opinion you may well be inclined to share as you enjoy a tempting array of mezes, washed down with Raki or Turkish wine.
The pleasure is enhanced by the knowledge that the cost of wining and dining is so reasonable.

Therefore, new for my ISTANBUL Photo Workshops is the opportunity to see a local woman cooking.
And of course, eat and relax after the picture taking.
This is now included on the Winter, Spring and Fall Sessions
And we are open for business now. Winter, May and Oct
Istanbul 2017

Istanbul Without Tourists - PSA Journal
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It's always good to hear from old Workshop Clients, and I was delighted to receive an e mail from Joseph Hearst, telling me about his published PSA Journal Article ' Istanbul Without Tourists '
which gave details about his time with me on my Workshop last Spring.

Yes, Joe, we had a fun time in Fatih and Balat !

So.....come and see for yourselves.
Spaces are available for the Autumn Session.Oct 12th - 20th

Istanbul Without Tourists
The Future for Photography - MOBILE PHONE IMAGES
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The future for photography is increasingly looking like the usage of Images from Mobile Phone Cameras,with Apps available from most of the
major Stock Agencies.
And, more often than not, it's my Sony Xperia S Cell Phone that I pick up BEFORE my Sony RX100 Mk11.
So, bring yours on my Workshops and let's be creative.
Spaces available for CRETE Sept 16th - 24th and ISTANBUL Oct 12th - 20th

NEW Mobile Phone Gallery added
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Superb quality from my Sony Xperia S phone, plus many Apps, including my favourite, Perfectly Clear.
Winter Workshops
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In addition to ISTANBUL, there is also my Winter Photo Tour and Workshop in Western Crete.

During January and the first fortnight of February, there are mild sunny days, known as ‘Halcyon days’ since ancient times, when the clarity and light is dazzling !
I generally do my best shots at this time.
Come and see for yourself for as much time as you wish. You just pay me a daily fee.
You will be staying in Chania Old Town, which has the most picturesque harbour in Greece.

Meet Village people in their traditional homes.
Take photos of Cretan Cuisine being prepared and cooked.
Eat and Drink with the locals in a Kafeneio and of course take photos !
Careful planning of the itinerary, down to the minutest detail from a photographer's angle.
And designed to create the best opportunities to expose you and your camera to the People, Culture and Places for an unforgettable photography experience.
Interested ? Please e mail me for more details.

Lesvos Workshop Images
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Some favourites from last months Workshop.
My thanks to Angela, Theo and Astride for making it a success and fun !

NEW - ISTANBUL Autumn and Winter Workshops
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Yes, it's time again for my ISTANBUL 7 day Autumn and Winter Workshops

Nov 16th 2014 - March 31st 2015

Istanbul Residents consider their city to be at it's best in Autumn. It's not as hot, and the Chestnut sellers are everywhere.
Also fresh Figs are ready to be photographed and eaten.

Major sites are uncrowded and the Mosques can look awesome in fog or if it snows.
Tea with Baklava in a cosy, warm cafe is a must !

Workshop only $2380 per person.
( Should you have a preferred Hotel of your choice, price discounted with your Airline Frequent Flyer Air Miles for example )

Workshop and 7 nights Accommodation $2980 per person.
We stay at the Almina Hotel, Sultanahmet.

Arrivals and Departures are on Sundays, with the Workshops scheduled Monday to Saturday.
I leave it up to yourselves, to inform me when you would like to visit.

NEW for 2014 - A Taste of BRAZIL
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A TASTE OF BRAZIL Photo Workshop

March 13th – 25th, 2014

Brazil - a fascinating culture, friendly people and damn tasty food !

Highlights of the Tour:

Rio de Janeiro
We will of course see the city's most loved attractions, but we go behind the facade to drink with the locals, visit Monasteries ornate with gold, discover the 17th C elegant, bohemian charms of Santa Teresa, as well as sample the sophisticated Cafe culture reminiscent of Vienna.

Belo Horizonte
Capital of the state of Minas Gerais. Amazing cultural centre. The hub for outings to deserted Gold Mines and the beautiful colonial town of Ouro Preto. (UNESCO World Heritage site)

Salvador, Bahia
Afro Brazillian roots. (The country was born here in the 16th C) Markets just like I saw in Zanzibar, plus historical Pelourinho (UNESCO World Heritage site) with its magnificent churches, and the finest colonial buildings anywhere in Brazil.
Or as my Brazillian friends would tell you '' Você tem que ir lá " YOU JUST HAVE TO GO THERE.

My sincere thanks to Laura Jane Coelho for her local help and advice in making this tour possible. Also Peter M. Wilson for insisting I meet him for a beer in Rio !

Price per person $5900, including Accommodation with breakfasts.
Low cost Internal Airfares and International Airfares not included.

Accommodations will be in hotels chosen for their service, friendliness, and ratings on Trip Advisor, plus the charming Pousada Noa Noa in Salvador.
(Subject to changes if full)

Maximum 8 photographers

Any questions ? Please contact me via e mail

A Taste Of Brazil Clientsrev1

Winter 2015 ZANZIBAR Workshop.
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Get away from those Winter Blues and escape with me to the hot Summer weather in Zanzibar.
Jan 17th - 30 2015
Price $5550 per person with the same itinerary as before and described on the Pdf downloads below.
Please enquire via e mail for any further details or feel free to reserve your space now online. :-)

Zanzibar 2014 Leaflet1
Zanzibar 2014 Leaflet 2

Images from the May Istanbul Workshop.
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Visually stimulating as always and spaces are still available for the Oct 13th - 21st session.
Can't wait to return.

Autumn........and Winter Plans.
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I've been busy taking photos for Getty Images but a few things caught my attention.
Leaves and Flower Petals.

And if I'm not in Istanbul during the Winter, you are welcome to join me here in Crete.
During January and the first fortnight of February, there are mild sunny days, known as ‘Halcyon days’ since ancient times, when the clarity and light is dazzling as you can see below.
I generally do my best shots at this time.
Come on over ! Please e mail for further details.

Summer Photos
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July in Crete is NOT the best month for Photography.
The skies are bleached out, and it's hot and tiresome with high temperatures.
However, there are some photographic distractions on the beach...........and the Summer Fruits are delicious !
Also creative night photos are possible. The Ceramic Dolphin for example.
As for the Giant Sunflower, it was 30secs from my home, and I used an Allien Skin Cross Processing Plug In in Adobe CS5.
16th August. 93°F outside means a COLD AMSTEL BEER photo inside.
24/8 I'm enjoying using an ISTAGRAM CS5 Plug you can see on the Vespa Sprint.